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Peter F.

CUNY Hunter College
Bachelor’s degree, Thomas Hunter Special Honors, Religoius Studies

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3-5 years
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My name is Peter Friedman. I graduated from CUNY Hunter College in NYC about a year ago, with a degree in Religious Studies and Special Interdisciplinary Honors. I have experience teaching English to elementary- and secondary-school children in a camp setting, and more recently, as a private tutor. I also worked in Hunter's Writing Center, where I taught college level students the fundamentals of grammar and essay writing.

I am also a published poet and plan to apply to graduate degrees in poetry for Fall 2013. I am happy to share some of my work, and would love to apply these skills in one of our tutoring sessions.

My sessions are fun and light, while still being enriching. In addition to tackling homework, we can practice writing in fun ways, using creative prompts, cartoons, madlibs, and worksheets which I'll personally attune to your interests. I don't lecture unnecessarily--we will usually practice writing and reading and then discuss ways we can refine your work.

Since I am new to this website, references can be provided upon request.

Look forward to working with you!

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