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University of MA
Master’s degree, International Relations

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3-5 years
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24 hours
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Student’s home, Public place (library, park, etc)
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I teach writing, vocabulary, English and general computer skills and am a good instructor for a person who wants to improve their computer skills but may be embarrassed to ask since I have experience with the technophobic. If you're looking for a general computer orientation - naming conventions (important when learning to ask the right questions) or fundamentals plus on major applications (Microsoft, Adobe, etc) I am happy to tutor you on those subjects.

I'm a Cambridge based photographer who is well versed in all aspects of 35 mm film and digital photography as well as photo editing and post-processing using Photoshop and Adobe Bridge. I work in both the Mac and PC environments. If it's related to digital images, photography or photo editing, Photoshop, or computer skills for these or other software programs, feel free to ask me a question.

I love images and the magic that is photography and I enjoy teaching photography techniques, skills and concepts. I also teach digital scanning and restoration. I work well with people who aren't totally comfortable with technology as well as those who have a good command of the computer.

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