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Tufts University
Bachelor’s degree, Biochemistry, Magna Cum Laude

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2 years
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5 hours
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Hello there! My name is Pat and I just graduated from Tufts University. I am very passionate about math and science (especially chemistry and biology) and I was part of a community service tutoring program during my undergrad years at Tufts.

I graduated with high academic honors and I am currently applying to medical schools for next year. During my year off, I would love to help students achieve their goals with math and science. I believe that the best way to learn is by making mistakes, therefore, my tutoring style focuses on applying skills in practical scenarios and doing problem sets as opposed to pure memorization. But most of all, I like to have fun while teaching and learning. I believe that learning should not be something kids have to do, but something that they should enjoy.

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