Help for Tutors:

Q: What is Fox Tutors?

Fox Tutors is a service providing a well designed and optimized website that matches tutors and teachers with students.

Additionally, the website offers the opportunity to ask questions and get advice about learning and studying.

Q: How does Fox Tutors work?

It is easy.

  1. A student finds your profile on our website.
  2. The student contacts you via our internal messaging system and discusses his or her tutoring needs with you.
  3. If the student feels that you are the right match, the student will release a contact phone number. This release will only happen once you have exchanged your phone number also.
  4. Now, you or the student can call each other to talk about the first tutoring session.

Q: Are there specific requirements to become a Fox Tutor?

Our tutors are not required to have a specific minimum level of education or degree to sign up with Fox Tutors. We have a wide spectrum of tutors ranging from high school students to individuals with doctorate degrees. All of our tutors are listed with their formal education and degree(s) for the students to see.

Q: How does Fox Tutors differ from the many other online tutoring sites?

Most of the tutoring websites charge their tutors a commission on every hour that they teach. The commission may be as high as 40%.
So, if a tutor is charging $40 per hour, the tutoring company is making $16 per hour while the tutor earns $24 per hour.
We believe that our Fox Tutors deserve better treatment. We know that websites, search engine optimization, marketing, etc. are expensive, but strive to run our business in a streamlined fashion and keep overhead low so that we can leave all the tuition earned in the hands of our tutors.

We offer all new Fox Tutors a FREE trial to assess if our services are actually helping them find students and earn money.
If the new Fox Tutors want to continue using our services, we have currently the following 3 plans available:

  1. Pay a nominal fee of $9.90 per month (not per hour!) and get unlimited students'’ phone numbers for the entire month.
  2. Pay $99.90 per year (less than 30 cents per day) to get unlimited students' phone numbers for the entire year.
  3. Pay as you go: Pay a one time fee of $3 to see one student's phone number.

Q: How do I sign up to become part of Fox Tutors?

Signing up is very simple. Click on either the "Sign up" or "Become a tutor" tab on the menu bar at the top and fill out the form. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive a "Welcome" email. Follow the directions in that email to set up your Fox Tutors profile.

Q: I just signed up to become a Fox Tutor and have not received an email to set up my account. Where can I find the "Welcome" email sent by Fox Tutors?

If you didn't find it in your regular email inbox, please check your spam folder.
In case you don't find it in your spam box either, please sign up again, as your email may have been misspelled. If the problem persists, please email us at

Q: I have activated my account and completed my profile, but my profile is still not visible on the Fox Tutors website. Why?

Please log in to your account and check your profile to make sure that you have completed all required sections. Once you have completed all required elements, please search again as your profile should now be visible. Please allow up to 24 hours for your profile to show.

Q: Why is it beneficial to upload my picture?

Although you are not required to upload a picture to activate your profile, it will help your students get a sense of who is behind the profile. Remember that tutors with a picture get contacted more often than those without a picture. Additionally, your students will be able to recognize you the first time you meet.

Q: Do I have to upload a You Tube movie?

No, this is optional. Please be aware that the movie should relate to your tutoring services. The more professional your video, the more students it will attract.

Q: I have signed up and my profile is visible on Fox Tutors.
How can I communicate with students who are trying to reach me?

Head over to the "My Students" tab in your account and start communicating with your potential students.

Q: I know that on Fox Tutors students can find tutors, but can tutors also find students? If so, how does this work?

Yes, it's easy. Head over to the tab "Tutoring Opportunities" on the menu bar and research our tutoring jobs in your geographic area for the subject that you are teaching.
Once you have found a tutoring opportunity, just contact the student to find out more.

Q: In my tutor account I also see a tab that says "My Tutors". What does this mean? Can a tutor also be a student?

Yes, learning never ends. Although you are a tutor, you may also be interested in learning new things and may want to take lessons yourself.

Q: Can I send my contact information, such as phone number, email address or any other contact for example from social media such as facebook or twitter using Fox Tutors' messaging system?

No, you are not allowed to exchange any contact info using the internal messaging system.
If you have an active subscription on Fox Tutors you will be able to exchange your phone number with your students when prompted by the website.
Please be aware that if you try repeatedly to exchange any contact information without having an active subscription your account may be suspended without notice.

Q: Can I use my personal email instead of Fox Tutors' messaging system in order to communicate with my students?

No, our policy requires you to use our internal messaging system, as we want you and your students to see the complete communication trail in order to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings.
Additionally, the more you use our messaging system the higher you will rank on our site.

Q: I communicated with my student via Fox Tutors' messaging system, and it seems that we are a match.
How can we get in touch now in order to set up an appointment to start tutoring?

Once the student has determined that he or she wants to be tutored by you, the student will release his or her contact phone number. You will be able to see the released phone number in your messaging system once you have released your phone number also.
Now you can contact the student to discuss the specifics.

Q: I have received the released phone number of the student.
Should I call right away?

Please call the student at your earliest convenience.
If you can't reach the student, leave a voice message. Include your phone number in the voice message and email the student that you have done so.
If the student doesn't respond, try to call again in the next few days.

Q: Do all tutoring requests result in actual tutoring sessions?

Although not all students who contact you will actually become your students, tutors can improve the chances of getting more students by:
Answering emails within 12 hours, writing professional messages and asking precise questions to better understand the needs of each potential student.

Q: I have received my student's contact phone number and want to call to set up the first tutoring session. Where should I meet my student?

Although Fox Tutors is not involved in the operational aspect of tutoring, such as setting up meetings between tutors and students, we feel that it would be beneficial to meet in a public place, such as a library, school, coffee shop, meeting room of a college etc. where the student can get a good sense of the tutor and vice versa.

Q: How long should each tutoring session last?

This may depend on many factors, such as the student's age, the time of day, the difficulty of the subject taught, etc. Although we do not get involved in the way each tutor operates, a tutoring duration of 1 hour per session may be a good minimum time to spend tutoring your students.

Q: How do I prepare for the first lesson?

Good preparation starts already when contacting the student via phone prior to the lesson. Take your time to think about questions that you want to ask during this initial phone call. You may want to address topics such as current level, goals, learning style, material to be used, meeting frequency, time, location, payment, etc.
If you are well prepared for the first meeting and your tutoring session is a success, the student will be pleased and will be more likely to schedule more lessons.

Q: Should I reconfirm my meetings with my students?

Yes. Just call them or remind them via messaging system about the next meeting. This shows your students that you offer professional services and that you are committed to their success.

Q: How do I get paid?

The payment arrangement is between you and your student. Payment is not processed through Fox Tutors. You should discuss method and timing of payments with your student when arranging the initial tutoring session.

Q: Should I charge a travel fee?

Again, this is up to you. You may want to consider charging a travel fee depending on the distance.

Q: Can I tutor 2 or more students at the same time?

Sure, just be aware that sometimes students are not exactly at the same level. They may learn at different speeds and have different learning styles. Thus, you may want to think about how to cater instruction to each individual student's needs.

Q: Should I charge more if I teach 2 or more students together?

This is up to you to decide.

Q: Can I offer a free assessment?

Yes. Free assessments may attract potential students and will offer a good opportunity to ask and answer questions.

Q: Can I stop tutoring for a while?

Yes. If you want to stop tutoring for a while, just go to the "Settings" tab in your account and change the setting "Are you available to tutor new students" to "No". Your profile will still be visible but nobody will be able to contact you.

Q: I am no longer interested in your services. How can I delete my account permanently?

Send us an email at including your first and last name, your email address on file with Fox Tutors, your user name and password. We will take care of the rest and send you a confirmation email once we have deleted your account.

Q: Can I exchange contact details with my students?

If you have an active subscription on Fox Tutors you will be able to exchange your phone number with your students once you are prompted to do so by our website.
Fox Tutors doesn't allow users to exchange any contact details other than phone numbers and this only when prompted to do so by our website.
Please be aware that if you try repeatedly to exchange your contact details via internal messaging system, your account may be suspended without notice.

In case you don’t have an active subscription you will not be allowed to exchange any contact information with your students.
Please be aware that if you try repeatedly to exchange any contact information without having an active subscription your account may be suspended without notice.

Q: I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Click on the Login tab at the top of the site. Then, click on "Forgot your Password".
You will be directed to a separate page that will ask you for your email that you provided when you signed up originally with Fox Tutors. Type your email address and click on the "Recover Password" button.
Now, log into your regular email account and find the password reset link sent by Fox Tutors. Follow the prompts in this email to reset your password.
If you didn't receive an email, please check your spam box.
Please note also that your password is case-sensitive and must have a minimum of 5 characters.

Q: I would like to change my password. What do I need to do?

Log into your Fox Tutors account and click on "Settings".
Click on the link "Change Password", type a new password and click on the "Save Changes" button. That’s it!

Q: How can Fox Tutors help me find students?

Our website offers 2 different ways that help match students with tutors.
Students can simply browse our database of tutors, find the ones that they like and contact them.
In case the students don't find a tutor, they can post a request for a tutor. These requests may then be researched by tutors by clicking on the tab "Tutoring Opportunities".

Q: How does the listing of tutors on Fox Tutors work? Do you offer higher positions for featured tutors for payment?

Although many tutoring sites offer "featured tutors positions" for a fee, we at Fox Tutors have a system in place that allows every tutor to get to a higher position without having to pay.
The key to being listed higher is getting more "activity points". The more active tutors are on the Fox Tutors website, the more activity points they earn. Tutors are ranked or listed in the order of how many activity points they have.
Tutors can earn points by uploading a picture, responding to their students within 24 hours, requesting reviews from students, answering questions and submitting back links from other sites that point to
To better understand the point system, please log into your account and click on "Points".

Q: How can I get reviewed by my students?

There are 2 ways to get reviewed on Fox Tutors.
Either the tutor sends a request for a review to the student or the student reviews the tutor without being asked.

Q: Will Fox Tutors delete any negative reviews?

We believe that all reviews, both positive and negative, deserve a place on Fox Tutors. A review represents the student's experience with a tutor. Fox Tutors will not be biased and will, therefore, not delete negative reviews, except if they are inappropriate and offensive.

If you have received a negative review, you may want to request reviews from other students. The more positive reviews you get, the less a negative review will impact you.

Q: Is Fox Tutors my employer?

No, Fox Tutors is not your employer. We simply work hard to make sure that you can list your services on our website and that many students can find your profile online. Other than that, everything else is between you and your students.

Q: I am an international student and have a visa. Can I list my services on Fox Tutors?

This is a question we can't answer as we are not your employer nor do we contract with tutors. Fox Tutors simply tries to match students with tutors.

Q: Do you provide tutors with tax forms at the end of the year?

No. Fox Tutors does not hire tutors and is not involved in paying its tutors. Fox Tutors is not an employer.
You may want to contact a tax specialist who may be able to let you know how to handle this.

Q: How much does it cost to be listed on Fox Tutors?

After an initial free trial period, which will give you the opportunity to try our services and decide if you like them, you will be able to pay as you go, subscribe on a monthly basis or on a yearly basis.
The pay as you go option costs $3.00 for each individual student's contact information released to you.
If you subscribe monthly, your subscription will cost you currently $9.90 per month.
The yearly subscription currently costs $99.90 per year and is the cheapest subscription, costing the tutor approximately $8.50 per month.

Please note that our monthly subscriptions will renew automatically each month and our yearly subscriptions will renew automatically each year. Both subscriptions and are non-refundable.

Q: What does "pay as you go" mean?

"Pay as you go" means that you don't need a subscription to be able to exchange phone numbers with your students. If the student releases his or her phone number, you as a tutor will be able to pay the "pay as you go" fee of $3.00 to exchange phone numbers.
Tutors who choose the "pay as you go" fee of $3.00 need to be aware that not every released phone number of a student will lead the tutor to actually teach this student.
The "pay as you go" fee will not be refunded in case the student didn't become a paying student.

Q: Does Fox Tutors offer online tutoring?

No, this service is not offered at the moment.

Q: How do I change my credit card information to pay for the services? Or upgrade/downgrade?


Help for Students/Parents:

Q: I need a tutor? How can I find one?

Select a subject and a geographic location and then hit the search button. If tutors are available for the subject in the selected area, a list of tutors will be displayed, and you will be able to select the tutor that you feel is right for your needs.

Q: My search didn't return any tutors or I didn't like any of the tutors that I found. What are my options now?

  1. If your search didn't find any tutors, fill out the form underneath the notification box to post your tutoring request on our "tutoring opportunities" bulletin board.
  2. If you didn't find a tutor that is compatible with your needs, scroll down and click on the button "Didn't find the right tutor". Fill out the form to request a tutor and to post your request on our "Tutoring Opportunities" bulletin board for potential tutors to see.
  3. The last way to post a tutoring request is to click on the tab "Tutoring Opportunities" and click on "Post a tutoring job" on top and bottom of the page. Fill out the form to post a request.

Once a tutor sees your tutoring request on the "Tutoring Opportunities" bulletin board and is interested in this tutoring opportunity, he or she will contact you.

Q: What if I still didn't find a tutor to help me for my tutoring needs?

If your search has not found any tutors try to search for a subject close to the subject you were looking for (for example instead of Algebra you could search for Math) or you could expand the search radius up to 40 miles. Additionally, you may want to consider expanding the search beyond the maximum search radius of 40 miles, by selecting another ZIP code or geographic location. Even if the distance were to be outside of what you would consider to be a reasonable travel distance, you may still be able to negotiate with your tutor to meet somewhere in between. In some instances, by paying a travel fee, the tutor may come closer or even to your location.

Q: I just filled out the Request for a Tutor form. Where is my tutoring request displayed on Fox Tutors?

Tutoring requests of students are nothing else than tutoring opportunities for tutors. Your request is displayed on our Tutoring Opportunities page. Tutors who are interested in your request will contact you.

Q: I found a tutor that teaches multiple subjects, including the subject I want to be tutored in. Will this tutor be competent or should I try to find a tutor that only teaches my subject instead?

Fox Tutors doesn't restrict tutors from listing multiple subjects, but asks them to let the students know in which subjects they are experts.
Although, at first sight, selecting a tutor that is an expert in a subject may seem to be a better option for the student, a tutor who is not an expert in a subject may have other skills that are more important for certain students.
For example, if your child needs to learn how to add or subtract, the best tutor may not always be a tutor who holds a PhD in Mathematics. Rather, you may find that a tutor with a lot of teaching experience with children close to your child’s age is more compatible with your needs.
The best way of finding out which tutor is best for your needs is to carefully read their profiles and, if you like them, to contact them via our internal messaging system and ask precise questions.

Q: I have found a tutor, communicated with him or her and feel that we are a good match. What do I do next?

Great, the most important thing is that you feel that you have found your match.
Now, in order to meet with the tutor for the first time, you must release your phone number to the tutor. Once you have done so, the tutor will be able to exchange his/her phone number also and either you or the tutor will call to discuss your needs.
Speaking with your tutor over the phone is very important as you now have the chance to ask any remaining questions prior to starting tutoring sessions. For example, you could discuss your specific needs and goals, time to achieve your objectives, meeting location, material to be used, homework, payment, etc.

Q: How do I release my phone number?

Releasing a phone number is very simple. Log into your student account and then click on the "My Tutors" tab. Select the tutor you would like to release your contact number to. On the top of the page you will see a green box. In the green box you will see a field where you can release your phone number. Type in your phone number and click on the "Share phone number" button.
Once you have done so, the tutor will be able to see you phone number once he/she has released his/her phone number also.
Phone numbers are not visible to either party unless both, tutors and students, are releasing their phone numbers.

Q: After releasing my phone number, who will be able to see it?

Your phone number will only be released to the tutor you have chosen. It will be visible to this tutor only if he or she has an active subscription on Fox Tutors, pays a small fee to see it and has released his/her phone number also.

Q: What if after talking to the tutor I don't feel that the tutor is a good match for my tutoring needs?

Just let the tutor know that you feel that he or she is not a good match.
In case you don't feel comfortable telling him or her over the phone, write the tutor a message via our internal messaging system about your decision.
In case you already scheduled a tutoring session before realizing the tutor is not a good match, please notify the tutor as soon as possible that you have changed your mind and need to cancel the session.
Usually tutors would like to know about cancellations at least 24 hours before the scheduled meeting.

Q: I have released my phone number, and the tutor has called me. I feel that we are a good match. Where should we meet?

The meeting location is between you and the tutor. We recommend meeting in public places such as coffee shops, libraries, meeting rooms, etc.

Q: What does my tutor charge per hour?

The tutor's fee is listed on his or her profile page and usually reflects the tutor's experience tutoring and degree of education.

Q: Do I pay Fox Tutors for my tutoring?

No, you will need to pay the tutor directly.
We are not involved in receiving any tuition.
We are not an employer. Fox Tutors is only a service that connects students with compatible tutors.

Q: Do I need to pay after each lesson?

Most tutors will ask you to pay after each lesson. In certain cases they may give you a better price in case you were to commit to multiple hours.

Q: I would like to schedule a free trial lesson. Can I do this?

The best way to know is to ask the tutor prior to the first tutoring session.
Usually, though, you should assume that each tutoring session must be paid.

Q: How should I pay my tutor?

Ask your tutor what kind of payment he or she accepts.
Common payment options are check, money order and cash.

Q: Can two students share a tutor?

Ask your tutor if he or she is willing to tutor two students together at the same time.
Usually, if the students have similar knowledge and skills, it shouldn't be an issue.

Q: Will the tutor charge more if 2 students are taught together?

Usually, semi-private lessons are slightly more expensive overall, but cost less per person than private lessons.
Ask the tutor what he or she charges in such a case.

Q: I need to cancel a lesson. What is your cancellation policy?

Most tutors request a 24-hour cancellation notice prior to the scheduled session. Check your tutor's profile on Fox Tutors, as the tutor’s cancellation policy will be listed there.

Q: Does Fox Tutors do background checks on its tutors?

No, we don't background check the tutors listed on our site.
Most tutors will agree to have their background checked, if requested by students or parents.

Q: Can I review my tutor?

After you have released your phone number to a tutor you will be able to review that tutor. It is best to review the tutor once you have had at least a couple of lessons with that tutor in order to be able to leave a meaningful review.
Alternatively, your tutor may also ask you to review him or her by sending you a request for a review.
Reviews will be listed on our website and will help other students choose their tutors.

Q: I like Fox Tutors' services, how can I spread the word about your services?

Thank you for feeling this way. We are trying hard to provide a good experience to our students and tutors.
If you feel we are doing a good job, please contact people that you know such as friends, parents, PTSA members, principals of schools, homeschooling groups, etc. and let them know about us.
Alternatively, you can always leave comments on reviewing websites such as
We greatly appreciate your help.