About Fox Tutors

Fox Tutors is a well optimized website where students can find tutors or vice versa.

Additionally, our website offers students or visitors the chance to ask our tutors questions about learning and teaching.
Fox Tutors has been created with the idea of connecting tutors with students without charging commission fees.

We believe that tutors should retain 100% of what they charge without having to give up 20% to 40% of their tuition to any tutoring company.
Our Fox Tutors are smart and teach many different subjects such as math, science, music, foreign languages and test preparation to students of all ages, levels and educational backgrounds.
Students and parents use our website to find the right tutor for their needs.
Who is behind Fox Tutors?

Started in 2009, Fox Tutors is dedicated to offering tutors a place where they can advertise their services without having to worry about finding new students.

Our 3 software developers and designers not only share the same name! “Alex”, but also their dedication to provide a website that is easy to use and allows tutors to help many students achieve what they need or want to learn.